Monday, 22 March 2010

Woodland Masacare ?

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Not quite, but anyone passing the old level crossing on Glossop Road, may have had concern, that the developers who destroyed a large number of trees a number of years ago had returned for another go.

It is instead work’s being done by the County Council to give a proper route for the trans Pennine trail around Gamesley, and it will connect with the work’s done in past year’s at Cottage Lane on one side, and (I’m not 100% sure of the route) Charlesworth / Long Lane on the other.

The work’s will see a formal pathway take over the route of the old railway, along with the installation of a ‘Pegasus’ crossing over Glossop Road at the site of the old level crossing. The work’s will also see the ‘remain’ of the level crossing gates / posts restored and put back close to there current position.

The new crossing is of the same type that is currently in use where the trail crosses the A57 near Woolly Bridge, which can be used by people on horse back.

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