Monday, 22 March 2010

Overhanging branches / dangerous shortcut

originally uploaded by AnthonyMck.
The overhanging branches on the path from Gamesley up toward's St Margaret's / Charlesworth has being flagged up by a number of local residents / folk taking kids to school as the the tree's are starting to over hang on to the pavement becoming a hazard to people using the path.

That issue has been reported on to the County Council for action, and I'll let you know any details of what will be done when I know.

Also flagged up recently has been the concern of at least one and possible more - four by four drivers using the path / the field at the side as a short cut on to the estate from Glossop Road.

As you can see from the photo below, aside from making the field a mess with car tracks / tyre ruts being dug in to the field, the field is also used by local kids.

The issue has been flagged up to the Police beat team, and I understand that the details of at least one registration has been passed on, I've also passed the details on to the county council with a request that the bollard at the top of the path that has been removed be replaced to prevent this access.

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