Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Things to be aware of Left Handers Day

The week also sees on Wednesday an event of particular interest to me Left
Handers Day

The event organised by the Left Handers Club every year since 1992 aims to
help left Handers celebrate been left handed and increase public awareness
of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.

Activities taking place on the day in the past have included left-v-right
sports matches, a left-handed tea party, pubs using left-handed corkscrews
where patrons drank and played pub games with the left hand only, and
nationwide "Lefty Zones" where left-handers creativity, adaptability and
sporting prowess were celebrated.

The event which is celebrated worldwide has also contributed more than
anything else to raise the general awareness of the difficulties and
frustrations left-handers can experience in everyday life, and has
successfully led to improved product design for left handed people.

For further details go to : http://www.lefthandersday.com

1 comment:

Carole Seawert said...

Yes, lefties have rights, too.

It's great that we have this one day especially for us! Happy Left Handers Day.