Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Community Day

Let's have it off! Community Day - the campaign for a bank holiday for Britain's communitiesSpotted on the unofficial blog of the Co-operative Partypolitics for people’ are details of the campaign for Community Day.

The campaign which is been run by the TUC and a number of leading voluntary sector organisations is aiming for an extra bank holiday during the October half term to promote volunteering and the role it plays in our society.

The reason for choosing a bank holiday is that compared to the rest of the EU, we have fewer bank / public holiday’s, with Romania been the only country in the EU to have less, which with these national days of celebration playing such a vital role in ensuring that we have a proper balance between our working lives and the rest of our lives, it’s about time we had more.

Particularly as no new bank holidays have been declared since the 1970’s. It’s about time that we had one more and what better reason for it than to celebrate the contribution made by volunteers to our communities.

For more information on the time go to www.communityday.org.uk or if you use facebook, there’s also a facebook group in support of the campaign that you can view or join by clicking here


Liam said...

Anthony I don't know how you can rattle on about "politics for people" as you have a tendency not to conveniently allow comments on your blog.

Anthony said...

"Politics for people" is the title of the blog where the issue was seen.

In terms of 'comments' as far as I know the 'blogger' format is fairly easy to use with the only delay been for comments moderation for some of the reason listed in the comments post made early this year.