Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Torrs Hydro New Mills Limited

Friday 23rd November at 6.00pm in New Mills Town Hall will see an event in New Mills to launch the prospectus of the Torrs Hydro New Mills Company, which will be the UK’s first community-owned hydro electricity project.

The scheme in the Torrs in New Mills will generate enough green electricity for up to 70 homes, as well as money to fund grants for a range of local community and environmentally sustainable projects.

The event will be jointly hosted by Tom Levitt MP, Cllr Steve Sharpe leader of New Mills Town Council and Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate along with Cllr Andrew Bingham the Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservatives, to show the cross party support for the project.

The directors of the project along with representatives of Water Power Enterprises (h2oPE), who will manage and deliver the project, will outline the terms of the share offer; explain the technology behind the project, the expected benefits to the local community, along with answering any questions that you may have on the scheme.

For further information go along to the event or visit there website at www.torrshydro.co.uk

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