Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Environment Select

Monday night saw the first meeting of the Environment Select Committee.

The first item of business was the election of chair and vice chair, by a process where the candidates wanting the job had to apply for the post, and then present themselves to the committee.

As a past chair of this committee I put myself forward, alas I didn't have much luck, with the support of the controlling group on the council instead going to former coalition partner and New Mills councillor Ray Atkins instead.

The normal business of the committee followed with a report on the extension of the 'binnovation' scheme to the Central area of the borough (New Mills, Chapel, Whaley Bridge, Dove Holes).

Followed that was a report on measures to tackle people leaving their bins on the street following them being emptied by the council.

The report which will go to the council's executive sought members views on 3 options, one doing nothing, the second zero tolerance, and the third and favoured by the committee was looking at each case as it arises.

The process that will be followed if approved by the executive (as I expect it will be) will be that on receipt of a complaint, an investigation by officers will be made to be followed by various warning letters and revisits requiring action by the resident leading to if no action is taken by the resident to a fixed penalty notice for a fine of £100.

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