Friday, 2 December 2011

Glossop Public Building's

In this week's Glossop Chronicle you will be able to read details of proposals that
are been put to the forthcoming corporate select committee meeting around how we go about ensuring a better future for the various halls and buildings in Glossop.

In terms of Victoria Hall, the proposals are based around using part of the existing space for both a hall that can be rented out to groups and a council chamber, with the rest of the space to include offices, other meeting rooms and community space.

For the Town Hall and Market Hall, the proposals are around improving the building to better ensure the future of the market and improve both the Market Hall itself (and hopefully in my view at least been able to remove the current false celling) and the Town Hall which from a councillors tour early this year urgently needs work doing (photo's taken during the tour are available here)

Lastly, is the Municipal Buildings the current home of the one stop shop and various offices, most of which would in the proposals be switched to Victoria Hall, enabling the building to be sold with the proceeds to be reused in Glossop.

Now whilst these proposals may not meet everyone's view of what should happen in the future to these buildings - they do offer options for the future of these important buildings and I'd welcome any views either for or against.

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