Thursday, 1 December 2011

CESP - Private Residents Cost's - Latest / Bad News

Following on from the good news of my post on the 16th November about the cost for private residents to take part in the CESP Scheme, I’ve now been advised of some bad news.

Due to a change in the guidance from OFGEM, the details I was advised and in turn broadcast via the blog about the price of the external wall insulation / render been reduced has now been changed, and the external wall insulation  / render has returned to the original price of £1050 (including VAT).

Climate Energy who are managing this part of the project apologise for this change which has been made by OFGEM and is effectively beyond the control of the Council, High Peak Community Housing and Climate Energy.

Private residents should now over the course of the next few days (I’ve been advised by weekend) – receive there quotation details including the cost’s for their surveyed works, along with a letter from Climate Energy detailing the information included (a copy of which is available by clicking here), and a FAQ sheet.

In addition the deposit requirement which had gone up to half the price of the works at the reduced cost has now returned to £100 for the external wall insulation / render.

I’m quite disappointed to advise this news as the reduced price was been well received and I can only apologies on behalf the various organisations involved for taking away the earlier good news and would note that we are still working and exploring options to try and get a reduced price for the external wall insulation / render.

However at this moment in time with the works now in full flow, this is the best deal we can get on this element of the works, which even at £1050 is still considerable cheaper than the without grant cost of £4,395.

Climate Energy now have a member of staff based at the Casey Site Office (what was the dentist’s) on the shops at Winster Mews who can answer any questions, and if you have any queries or need any further information, please let me know.

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