Saturday, 26 November 2011

November Shopper’s Surgery Feedback

A busy morning once again for the assembled councillor’s on the shoppers surgery in the Glossop Market Arcade, with a wide range of issues been raised with us.

For myself I had everything from concerns around the market from some of the market traders and how well (or not) the council is working with them, to as expected issues around the blue bags and recycling.

There was also concerns been raised by locals following the recent end of the 397 service and the rerouting of the 393 service to try and still provide some level of service to the folk covered by the 397, and a view been taken that the loss of the 393 through Wolley Bridge etc is / has caused problems.

Next month (December) sees a break as the forth Saturday would be Christmas Eve and folk will most likely have other things on their mind than seeing us lot !

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