Friday, 1 January 2010


Whilst possibly sounding like some sort of condition or something NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month to give it, its full title, is actually an initiative set up to encourage blog posting, originally running once a year in November, it now runs all year round, with the simple aim to take part been that you have to post every day for a month.

I think I may have tried this once before and failed miserably but it’s worth giving it another go.

To help or possible hinder, a theme is set for each month with this month’s been ‘BEST’ which give leave today for an easy first post, partly repeating one from yesterday but to wish everyone best wishes for the new year.

A new year which I hope will be a good one for everyone and one which will bring a number of changes and challenges no doubt, starting off at least locally in relation to the local Labour Party with the hunt for a new parliamentary candidate to take on the executive member for ‘nice things and getting in the paper’ at the Borough Council and retain the High Peak for Labour.

On a personal note I hope to end my quest for new employment with a new employer to replace the former one that cast those of us in the north aside in the summer.

On a blogging note there will be post’s forthcoming on the pre Christmas council meeting, issues around gritting of which I know there have been many (with a recent new facebook group flagging up some of them) and some good news on work from the police to help tackle some of the anti social behaviour issues that have been flagged up recently particularly around the shops.

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