Sunday, 3 January 2010

Do something amazing – give blood

Or at least that was the plan, to get part of Christmas (in a sense) off to the ‘best’ of starts by doing something nice.

The plan anyhow was to overcome my general fear of needles and give blood, so in the run up to Christmas I planned to attend the blood donor’s session that was running at the Glossop site of Glossopdale Community College on Wednesday 23rd December.

Now as most folk will remember that day was still quite snowy but the road’s were passable and after checking the blood donor’s website and seeing no mention of cancelation I set off to an earlier appointment elsewhere (which took an age to get to with the snowy delayed public transport) and then trekked to the top of Glossop to get to the venue.

Now elsewhere I’ve flagged up my occasional annoyance with the use of the Glossopdale College for these types of ‘public events’ not because there is anything wrong with the site, but because both the Glossop and Hadfield sites are in general a bit out of the way from there respective town centres and public transport (ok I know the 237 goes past the Hadfield one) and there is at least in Glossop a number of more centrally located venues.

Anyway back to the subject and after arriving at the site it looked discouragingly closed, and after heading to another entrance it still looked closed and seeing several other people scouting round for an entrance it appeared the site was closed and the session must be cancelled, but there were no notices to say that, the only thing anywhere about been a big banner advertising that the blood donor service where there today were two sessions one in the afternoon (that I was trying to attend) and the other in the evening.

So given there was a number of folk trying to attend the session I rung the number and queried whether it was still on, and after a long time on the phone they advised the session had been cancelled due to the weather, which was quite annoying particularly as there was no notice anywhere on site advising this.

Even more annoying was when I finally got back home and had another look on the internet just to check I wasn’t mistaken from this morning and as you can see from the picture above there website still shown the session at Glossop as been on, which for anyone planning to attend the evening one would have been quite annoying.

Anyhow despite the general annoyance over this failure in helping people to do something wonderful, my rant on the topic is now finished and if you can you should give blood. Further details on how to do this are available at with the next session in Glossop ‘supposedly’ taking place on Sunday 7th February, and who knows I may even go myself !

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