Friday, 15 January 2010

Best place for a blue plaque

The Hyde Colliery Explosion
Originally uploaded by Smabs Sputzer.

Do you know of a local person, or building that should be recognised with a blue plaque ?

The reason for asking is that Derbyshire County Council is introducing (like the example above from nearby Tameside) a blue plaque scheme to recognise people, buildings or sites within Derbyshire, and to identify the sites to be considered they are asking for suggestions from local people.

A maximum of 12 plaques will be awarded and nominations are asked for from the following themes : war heroes and memorials, local heroes and famous people, cultural and heritage connections, philanthropists and entrepreneurs and buildings of historic or architectural importance.

Nominations are open from now until the 31st January, and local’s will then get the chance to vote in March on the short-list, with the winners being published in the County Council newspaper in June.

Anyone suggested for a Blue Plaque must have been deceased for at least 20 years and owners of nominated properties must agree to the nomination.

For further information and / or to make a nomination goto :

Many thanks to Smsbs Sputzer on flickr for the photo of the Blue Plaque commemorating the Hyde Colliery Explosion.

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