Saturday, 16 January 2010

Best film of the year so far

I’ve had a day away from things today with a trip off to the cinema to see a few recent releases.

First up was St Trinians 2, the legend of Fittons gold, which whilst it won’t win any Oscar’s was quite funny and fairly watchable, although in my view not as good as the first of the new films, which made a better use of the huge cast of characters and to be honest had a better story than this one.

Next up was Avatar, which on the other hand I am sure will win a number of Oscar’s with very good special effects, a compelling if not original story and plenty of scope for a follow up in the future. I would heartily recommend this film, in addition I was also recommend that if you do go and see it, take the time to go and see it in 3D if you can, as the effects are amazing.

Finally last up was Daybreakers, the latest in a long line of films containing Vampires, this time with a story set around almost all of the human population becoming infected with a virus that makes them vampires, with the bulk of the remaining human population ending up in farms for there blood. A fairly straight forward story, plenty of blood and guts gore effects, all in all good clean exploding vampire fun.

In my view of the three, Avatar was by far and away the best so far this year, but from the trailers been played before all three, there is much to look forward to in the cinema this year, not least amongst them a new take on Alice in Wonderland which looked very weird but very impressive in the trailer.

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