Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What qualities do you look for? - High Peak Parliamentary Candidate Selection

Obviously given the recent announcement from our current MP, the local Labour Party will be going though the process to select a new parliamentary candidate to stand for the Labour Party in the High Peak at the next election.

The process which will involve all local party members along with the various groups that affiliate to the constituency will cover a variety of stages from the initial look at whether it should be an ‘all women selection’ or a ‘open process’, to the gradual sift through of candidates expressing an interest until we get to our new candidate.

My question in a sense is what do you look for in a new candidate, noting the in place Conservative candidate is a local person with an awareness of the issues more important, or do you look for a great campaigner even if they don’t have the local knowledge at start of the process?

I’m sure all the issues will be considered in great depth over the forthcoming weeks, but I would welcome any comments or questions you think whoever comes next should have a view on or a particular skill they should possess.

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