Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tom Levitt MP – My thoughts

My initial thoughts on hearing the news that Tom would be standing down at the next election was in a sense one of surprise at the announcement.

I say surprise because in my view at least following a difficult summer when there was the start of the aftermath of MP’s expenses, which I think Tom dealt with as well as possible including holding a number of ‘difficult’ public meetings where he was strongly questioned by the various people over the issue, things seemed to have been moving on, and in particular great strides have been made in raising awareness of issues around the strategic alliance.

However all that said, what’s done is done, and  I would echo the comments of Constituency Chair Alan Barrow and other in thanking Tom for the work done so far, and more importantly for the work still to do.
Tom has and will remain to be until the next general election a very hardworking MP for the people of the High Peak, and if anything looking with a little element of devilment at the announcement. The lack of the pressure of seeking re-election may mean that some issues that would normally be too controversial to work on in the run up to an election may be able to be pushed to fore.

In terms of the future I join with other’s in wishing Tom and Teresa well for the future, but more importantly look forward to working with Tom on the variety of issues been worked on at current and that will arise in the period until the general election from individual casework issues to the wider issues such as the campaign to raise awareness over the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.

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