Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fire Service Consultation

I recently attended a focus group consultation event organised by the fire brigade who are consulting on their force development plan.

The event, which took place in Glossop’s Bradbury House, was an interesting event with the representatives from the fire service taking time to explain the aims of the document before breaking those attending into groups to consider elements of the document in more details.

The group I was in considered issues’ around equality and diversity, with concerns been raised over a lack of knowledge over the handivan service, and in the round questions been raised by some in attendance as to the value of some of the equalities targets.

Other issues of note raised included questions over dealing with Moorland fires, how the fire service should work with small and medium businesses, and how the fire brigade will work on education issues.

The event finished with those in attendance being asked to indicate out of the various priorities the fire service is looking at which they most supported, my own particular preference was the proposal to change an element of staffing at one of the fire station in Derby to enable 3 other fire stations within Derbyshire to move from day time staffing to 24 hour staffing, with one of those station being the Glossop Fire Station.

The consultation period is still ongoing at the moment and further details are available at if you can please take the time to respond to the proposals and in particular support the proposal to increase the coverage of Glossop Fire Station to full 24 hour staffing.

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