Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Local Democracy Week

This week is local democracy week, a week of events taking place across the
country aimed at highlighting and encouraging young people to become more
aware of and get more involved in the local democratic process.

As part of the events that are taking place locally various groups of local
councillors along with some of the council officers are going into secondary
schools across the High Peak to carry out an exercise, similar to what was
done at the recent area forums with local school children.

First up on Monday afternoon was myself, Cllr Bob Mckeown and Cllr Matt
Crompton along with Sarah Beal and who went into St Philip Howard School in
Glossop and carried out the exercise with just under double the planned
number of 30 students.

As opposed to my previous comments on the exercise at the area forum it was
interesting to see the students engaging in the process and raising similar
issues and priorities to those which 'adults' and others have raised

With the new duty on local authorities to work on engaging people in the
democratic process it will be interesting to see if we can develop this work
for a 'once a year thing' to an all year process, possible working along
some of the lines suggested in a publication from the Citizenship
Foundation, on encouraging schools and there communities to develop a
'citizenship manifesto' which would set out the school's vision for
citizenship and it's intended program of citizenship activities for the

Other activities including a question time with the Mayor are taking place
during this week including a similar session to our one at Glossopdale
Community College on Friday

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