Tuesday, 21 October 2008

European Health and Safety at work week 2008

This week is European Health and Safety at work week, an annual campaign to
improve health and safety at work which this year is focused on risk

The aim of the campaign is intended to promote the benefits of completing
and implementing a risk assessment. It also seeks to demystify the risk
assessment process to show that risk assessment is not necessarily
complicated, bureaucratic or a task only for experts.

In fact most of us carry out risk assessment throughout the day on tasks
such as crossing the road, driving without ever considering the process that
you go through to decide whether the cross the road or not in a set place is
a form of risk assessment.

As well as intending to raise awareness on the issue the campaign also
intends to provide a range of practical advice, information and activities
that will hopefully have a positive effect in the workplace and hopefully
encourage good practice to be developed.

Further details on the campaign are available on the Health and Safety
executive website at http://www.hse.gov.uk/campaigns/euroweek/index.htm

Details and information on health and safety are also available from the
Environmental Health Section of the Council who can be contacted via the
call centre on 0845 129 7777

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