Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Break in at Easton House

A big thank you must go to Council Officers Martin Card and Steve Hall who
went above and beyond the call of duty in there efforts to trail and enable
police to stop a group of individuals with a vehicle and trailer who had
been found without permission at Easton House.

The vehicle which was stopped after a while by the police after been
'tailed', was found to contain a number of items that are believed to have
been removed illegally from Easton House, which was found to have suffered
damage when inspected after the incident including radiators and copper pipe
work missing.

In addition by removing the pipe work etc water has flowed into the building
causing further damage.

The exact extent of the damage this has caused to Easton House is still
under investigation but it has to be wondered that if the building was not
in limbo due to the decision by a local resident to request it's listing and
had instead been passed on to Manor House Surgery for there plans to use the
building, would this damage had happened ?

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