Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Labour Party Regional Conference

I spent last weekend in Nottingham attending the East Midlands Labour Party
regional conference. An interesting weekend in a good fairly new venue at
Nottingham University discussing a whole range of issues with 'comrades' old
and new from across the region.

As a change to some of the policy issues locally which tend to look towards
Manchester, the concentration on a number of issues at the regional
conference was around the cities of Derby, Nottingham and Leicester at the
centre of the region, with several views been expressed over the weekend
over Nottingham City Council's plans for a Parking Place Levy which is been
considered at the moment, a number of them similar to views over the plans
for the Greater Manchester Congestion Charge.

A number of good speeches over the weekend from various ministers, MP's and
others in particular Phil Hope MP, John Hepple MP, Margaret Beckett MP and
aside from the 'top trumps' story again Ed Milliband MP.

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