Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Labour Party Internal Elections

Local Labour Party members should by now have received there ballot papers
for the election of a number of national posts including members of the
national executive committee and national treasurer.

Members get 6 votes for the national executive committee, and when the High
Peak Labour Party considered those requesting nominations for the various
posts we nominated Peter Wheeler and Ann Black for the NEC, and Mark
McDonald for national treasurer.

As well as voting for the above I'll also be voting for Ellie Reeves, Azhar
Ali, Deborah Gardiner and Sonika Nirwal for the NEC, Kevin Hepworth and
Michael J Leahy for National Auditors and taking part in a number of
councillor only votes for various councillor representatives on several
national committees.

Voting closes on Friday 18th July and I would urge any Labour Party members
to take part, voting either through the post or online.

Details are within the Labour today magazine that you should have received
through the post recently, if you have received one or require further
details please let me know.

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