Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Congestion charge sub committee

Last Wednesday also saw a meeting of the sub committee looking into the
Greater Manchester Congestion Charge.

After being re-elected as chair for the forthcoming year, we considered some
of the additional information that has been provided over 'possible'
improvements to the High Peak in the event of the scheme being approved.

One major concern that was raised by all the members of the sub committee,
and also by 3 members of the council's executive present was around parking
at stations in the High Peak, with almost all the local stations in the High
Peak having some form of 'free' parking issue, and the documentation over
the scheme not making much of a reference to this type of issue in either
the High Peak or any of the other surrounding areas bordering the congestion

Following this we considered a number of issues and the need for some more
details prior to our meeting with representatives from the scheme in
September, and also consideration about making sure that even though we will
not be included in any formal vote about the scheme, locals may still wish
to take part in the consultation that is ongoing at current, we also
requested that that details about the scheme is highlighted at the next
round of area forum meeting that take place in September.

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