Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Repairs meeting

As flagged up last week, representatives of the GRA along with the other Councillor Mckeown met with Mark Ford from High Peak Community Housing to discuss concerns and a recent petition with regards to repairs.

The feedback from the various parties involved with that the meeting was quite useful and a number of things have been put in place to hopeful improve the situation.

The main issues raised split into two areas, one around money for large scale improvements, and the other around day to day repairs.

The issue’s around large scale improvements I will come back to in the next few weeks, but with regards to the repairs issues a number of measurers have been put in place including a Neighbourhood Maintenance Co-ordinator who will be based in the Gamesley housing office called Neville Hopkinson, to be able to look at repairs issues sooner easier, he will also meet with the GRA on a regular basis to review reported issues around repairs

The concerns that people had with regards to Apollo are been looked into and they hope the situation with them will improve, but if concerns please feed them through so that any issues can be investigated.

There was also a concern with regards to the perception that HPCH are not carrying out some repairs - allegedly because we have "no money". This is not the case. What they are trying to do is to plan non-essential repairs, (like replacement doors, replacing misted window unit etc) in a batch for these repairs so that they can get better prices by issuing bigger contacts, and what appears to have happened is this that had not been properly fed back to people to tell them exactly what is happening and how long they can expect to wait and HPCH is currently looking at how they can best address this.

The GRA presented a copy of the petition to HPCH, who advise that they will be looking to contact a sample of people who have signed it to find out any further information on repairs concerns and what can be done to solve it.

Finally the issue of the petition will be reported to the next HPCH board meeting for any feedback that board members may want to add.

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