Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Palestine Meeting

Last Friday Tom Levitt MP, held a public meeting in Glossop on the theme of
Palestine which featured Husam Zomlot from the Palestinian General

Tom started off the meeting with some comments and a slideshow from his
recent visit along with other MP's to Palestine including particular
reference to the village of Azzun which had just prior to there visit been
blockaded by the Israel's for 30 days with the children of the village not
even been allowed to attend college.

This was then followed on by comments from Husam Zomlot covering a wide
range of areas from the history of the situation to the various routes that
have been tried over recent years to solve the situation, including various
facts and figures such as Gaza been roughly half the size of the High Peak
Constituency, but holding more than 20 times the population.

Now whilst as with everything there can be two sides to the story, the case
put forward by Husam Zomlot, along with the photos and details from Tom make
quite a convincing case as to the need for a solution to be found to this
long running situation.

One interesting idea that was flagged up and that may appeal to some of the
50 or so people (and others) that attended the meeting was around the idea
of towns and villages in the UK twinning with their equivalent in Palestine
in a similar way to why we set up our existing twin towns links.

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