Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Environment Select Committee

Monday evening saw a meeting of the Environment Select Committee. Up for
discussion were reports on the council's forthcoming tree strategy,
environmental statement and an update on changes to the council's parks and
environmental services department.

The report on the Tree Strategy sought approval from the committee with
regards to the seeking approval for the draft strategy before it goes out to
the public and other bodies for public consultation.

The reason for the strategy been developed is partly in response to a report
for the Department for Communities and Local Government called Trees in
Towns II, which reports back on a national survey of urban trees and there
management which highlighted the important role that local authorities have
in dealing with trees both in terms of saving them from been cut down at
times, to dealing with them when they have become a problem.

The Trees in town report highlighted a number of targets for local
government one of which was the development of a comprehensive tree

The strategy which will be released in the near future for consultation is
split into 3 parts, the first containing a mission statement and policy, the
second some good practice guidelines, with the 3rd and final part detailing
an action plan for the 5 years following the approval of the strategy
detailing measures to implement the policy.

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