Tuesday, 11 December 2007

EU Referendum

I've not always agreed with everything that former the leader of Manchester
City Council and current Labour MP for Blackley in Manchester has said
mainly because at times he has been more to the left in some of his views
than I am, but his letter in last Friday's evening news on how a referendum
on the EU Constitution could restore faith in politics, makes good reading
and good sense.

He argues that the EU in deciding to ignore the French and Dutch no votes to
the constitution by tinkering with the wording of the constitution to make
it become the Lisbon Treaty have acted undemocratically, and have instead
created a fiddle which has allowed the existing no votes to be considered
void, and give a get out clause on the commitment for a referendum given by
the Government in 2005.

He continues with the comment that British voters deserve better, and that
because of what is to be taken away from us in terms of policy areas that
will be decided by un-elected foreign officials that affect our everyday
lives we should have this say, and that it would be far better for the
Government to lose an open fair debate on the issue than to break it
electoral promise because of the fear of losing the vote.

He closes with a comment on how cynicism about politics is increasing, but
that with a referendum we could restore some of that lost trust by honouring
this electoral pledge and holding a referendum.

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