Tuesday, 4 December 2007

CLP Meeting

Friday evening saw November's High Peak Labour Meeting, this month meeting
in Buxton.

The main topic for this months meeting was the health policy forum document,
which covers a wide range of issues around health and the various bodies,
and groups that provide health related services.

An interesting discussion, which covered a wide range of areas from public
involvement in health, to how much the government should stipulate what
people can do on lifestyle issues such as drinking and smoking to how local
services should be provided.

Of particular interest when we were talking about local services were
concerns about how we ensure that people in Glossopdale have 'local' access
to same range of services that are available within the Tameside part of the
Tameside and Glossop PCT area, something that I know is a source of concern
which a number of local councillors have recently discussed with Tom Levitt

Whilst talking about the Tameside and Glossop PCT, belated congratulation
should be offered to Melanie Sirotkin who has recently taken over the post
of Director of Public Health for the PCT. Local residents on Gamesley may
recall Melanie who was instrumental along with local residents and other
partners in securing the Healthy Living Centre funding which has lead along
with some of the other funding to the rejuvenation of the Sport and
Community Centre on the estate.

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