Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Anti bullying week

The website of Tom Watson MP highlights the start of anti bullying week, which is taking place this week.

As part of the events taking place during the week there is a campaign website at www.bbclic.com Along with the launch of a new anti bullying channel from You Tube.

In terms of local information the Derbyshire County Council B-line website has a special section on how to beat the bullies further details available by clicking here, which includes the following top tips if you are being bullied :

1. Don’t ignore bullying – it won’t go away on its own and it may get worse.
2. Tell someone you trust – such as a teacher, parent or friend.
3. Remember – it’s not your fault. No one deserves to be bullied.
4. Keep a record – and save any nasty texts or emails that you have been sent. You can download a ChildLine bullying diary from: www.childline.org.uk/bullying.asp.
5. Stay away from the bullies or stay with a group when you don’t feel safe.
6. Ask your mates to look out for you.
7. Don’t be horrible back – you could get into trouble or get hurt.
8. Check your school’s antibullying policy. This will tell you what your school should do about bullying.
9. Try to act more confident – even if you don’t feel it.
10. Call ChildLine for extra help on 0800 1111.

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