Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The importance of been on time...

The importance of been on time this week has been highlighted for Stalybridge and Hyde MP James Purnell who became involved, along with other local MP's in a bit of scandal with regards to a 'faked' photo taken at Tameside General Hospital.

In fact as part of the efforts to drag the story out, it even saw local MP Tom Levitt been visited by a journalist from the Mail on Sunday at last Saturday's Tesco surgery.

The story if you have not seen or heard it relates to a 'photocall' put together by Tameside Hospital involving the four local MP's (Tom Levitt, James Purnell, Andrew Gwynne, David Hayes) to celebrate/promote £112 million pounds of investment from the Government to refurbish the hospital.

Unfortunately however on the day the photo was taken James Purnell was running late and due to the other MP's present having other commitments (at least Tom did that I know) a photo was taken with just the 3 on, with a further photo to be taken for James once he arrived. Unfortunately at some point during / following the photo's a decision was made to merge / PhotoShop the pictures together making one photo of the four MP's.

Now whilst much controversy has resulted from this decision I can't help wondering would such a fuss had been made if James Purnell had not been questioning the honesty of the media following the recent fines received for the fake phone in quizzes, and whilst the decision to fake the photo was not the right one at least unlike previous fake photo scandal's the support of the local MP's for Tameside Hospital has been there throughout the whole process of securing the £112 million pounds of investment in the hospital.

Following on from this there is now a number of funny photoshoped photo's on the net showing James in a whole range of places he hasn't been, hat tips to the blog of Tom Watson MP for the link to the photo's and to Manchester blogger Chris Paul's Labour of love for the reminder of past fakes.

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