Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Tenants panel

Tuesday night saw the latest meeting of the North Area Tenants Panel.

Due to the chairs illness, I eventually chaired the meeting.

I say eventually because it would appear that due to also been a councillor, when I chaired the last meeting I had apparently caused offence to the tenents forum, who have deemed that councillors who are also tenents are only supposed to take a limited role in the tenant panels and releated structures and as such should definatley not be chairing them.

That put aside we then continued with the meeting first looking at two request for funding one from a group looking at improving facilities on Whitfield, the other been the Glossopdale Young Womens group who's information poster you may have seen on local buses recently who were bidding for funds to spruce up the GRA office.

Both bids were approved after discussion but it would be remiss of me not to comment on (and I hope this dosen't come across as been to patronising) the 'bravery' of the young lads from Whitfield and members of the Young Womens group who had attended to present the bids.

I say bravery because speaking at the meeting is daunting if you have not done it before and whilst we try and keep the format as friendly as possible, the formal setting means that it can be off putting.

That part over the usual business of meeting continued with updates from the neighbourhood co-ordinators, reports on the capital program which advised no major schemes planned for the immediate future in our area.

Concerns over to muchb bus fare been charged to local residents was raised with a plea been made by me to get any further problems reported via Buswatch so we can get them investigated as and when they happen.

A useful meeting once again and good to see two local resident from Gamesley in attendance who I hope (along with others) will also attend the next meeting in October.

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