Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Jericho Project

Last night (Monday) saw a meeting of the Jericho Project Management Committee, still looking at the future of the project and what direction to take next.

More or less decided (subject to confirmation from the controlling churches) was that the Jericho Café would be formally separated off from the Jericho project into a Charity / Company and ran as a separate entity enabling it to continue it's existing work and develop further on it's own.

In this way it would be similar to the Glossop Furniture Project which originally started off as an off shot of the Jericho Project before spreading it wings and splitting off to developing into to what it is today.

Another decision taken at last nights' meeting was to bring to a close the Gamesley fruit and veg co-operative. The group, which started almost a decade ago, has provided a number of services unavailable to local residents at the time it started.

However since that time of the co-op been set up, the availability of fruit and veg through other means, and a new service been looked at by one of the school's, has now caused the number of people using the service to dwindle to a point where there is not enough orders per week to sustain and continue with the group.

The meeting then returned to looking at the future of the project as a whole, but still seemed (as at the previous meeting) to be missing a complete steer / view from the churches that set it up as to how it wants to continue, with a general view that while the work and ideal's of the project will continue with the wider area and working arrangements of the church it probably won't be in the same format as it is now.

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