Tuesday, 31 July 2007

High Peak Community Housing - Board Member Elections

High Peak Community Housing, the arms length company set up by the council to look after the council's housing stock, is currently looking to recruit two tenant board members to represent the north area on the High Peak Community Housing Board.

The board which is made up of 5 councillor's, 5 tenants and 5 other with particular skills, holds elections for the tenant member with elections due to take palce this year for 2 representatives from the north with one representative to be elected for 3 year's, with the other been elected for 2 years (due to the retirement of the current representative).

From the details on the HPCH website the type of people they are looking for should be :

* Dedicated to ensuring that Tenants and Leaseholders are at the heart of the decision making process of this company
* Keen to ensure that people live in vibrant communities throughout the High Peak
* Able to make and take informed and transparent decisions
* Committed to ensuring that this company is a top performing organisation
* Able and want to make a difference
* Over 18 and a Tenant of High Peak Community Housing

and if successfully elected they would be committed to :

* Attending 9 Board and 4 sub group Meetings per year - in the evenings
* Attending organised training events

The reason for flagging this up, is that the decisions of HPCH and the future plans decided by the board can have a great impact on our area, and it would be nice to see a Gamesley resident who is a High Peak Community Housing tenant look to take on this important role and take there place influencing the work of High Peak Community Housing.

Further details and an aplication form are available from the High Peak Community Housing website at www.hpch.co.uk with a closing date for applications been Friday 10th August.

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