Sunday, 6 November 2011

How old should you be for a school reunion and do reunions matter now there's Facebook ?

At the recent bonfire I was talking to one of the folk I was at school with, and after exchanging the usual greetings etc, the talk moved on to discussion around the idea of a school reunion.

In my mind I'd not really considered the idea of a reunion, partly because I'd not wanted to give much thought to how long it is since leaving school, (which after consideration is two years short of twenty years) but also because reunions seem the sought of thing you shouldn't really be considering until you are in you're 40's (apologies to any folk already in their 40's - or older).

Finally I considered that to a certain extent with the advent of Facebook do you really need reunions anyway ? Because to a certain extent the folk you'd want to see at a reunion are probably already the folk that you're either still friends with in real life or the folk you're friends with on Facebook - so do you still need reunions ?

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Neil Redmond said...

Well, anthony, we have had 3 Reunions, one in 2000 after 15 years, another in 2010 after 25 years, which we repeated 6 months later, all 3 were a huge success and i can recommend,it is great to renew old frienships, and you find nobody has really changed.