Monday, 14 November 2011

2020 Vision

Next weekend, I'm off being educated on the second part of a three part course.

In preparation for the second session, one of the preparatory tasks attendees are asked to consider is our vision of what the future holds for local government by the time we reach 2020.

As part of my consideration of theme I'd be interested in hearing any views you may have, because to certain extent, there's great scope in the topic, because there a whole host of ways you can look at it, from concentrating on what the main structures there will be ie. will it be two tier like it is now in our part of the world (ie county and borough) or is the future less rosy for either borough's or county councils ?

Perhaps you ignore the structure to consider the content in a sense, ie will more council's go down the approach that High Peak and Staffordshire Moorlands have, in arranging a shared chief executive and joint management / services or is it chief executive's who's day are numbered with the idea of elected mayors and now commissioners being actively pursued by the current government.

Or is the topic around the services and functions of local government with the potential for the current transition in public health coming back to council to change again, or the effect of cuts and what services council's will be left running and what services council be trying to encourage the public to take over under the current guise of the 'big society' and whether those services then come back to council when the economy recovers ?

Maybe it's less solid than either staffing, structures and it's all around what policies local government should be pursuing, with perhaps the future been around local government having a greater impact on the works of all other organisations in a particular area with local government developing and setting the framework and policies around issues such as health, local development, economic strategy, and directing the work of both public and private sector bodies to reach the aims of the policies and frameworks ?

Whatever it is, it will be interesting to consider the future, and as before if you have any views on it, please let me know.

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