Friday, 16 April 2010

392 Service

Monday sees the return of a full Monday to Saturday daytime service on the 392 with Speedwell's decision to reintroduce a half hourly Glossop - Gamesley circular service.

The timetable which is available by clicking here sees the service running every half hour from Glossop starting at 8.35am  (then 9.05am) until 5.35pm, with journeys from Gamesley starting at 8.15am (then 8.45am) until 5.15pm.

For now the two remaining Stagecoach 392 journeys remain the same, but there are more changes scheduled for the 3rd May, which I understand will see these journeys taken over by Speedwell but as of early this week, the officers at the County Council's public transport unit were awaiting confirmation on some final details.

All in all, this should lead to an improved service for going from Gamesley to Glossop. However whilst this new service means we are getting two extra buses an hour going from Glossop to Gamesley, the times they are set to run at, are within 5 minutes or so of the existing services meaning that it will still be more or less every 20 minutes as at current.

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