Monday, 1 February 2010

Melandra Recycling Centre

There a briefing for High Peak Borough Councillor's at the council offices in Chinley tonight, unfortunately I'm committed elsewhere, so won't be able to attend. I have however sent the following questions through to the officer I'm told is over seeing the meeting :

1. Is it possible to open / establish a temporary location within Glossopdale for the duration of the closure - and if yes when ? - if no why ?
2. If it is not possible to make an alternative available in Glossop, can an arrangement be made with Tameside Council for Glossopdale residents to use their site in Stalybridge ?
3. Can the county come to an arrangement with the borough over making bulky collections free until an alternative site is available ?
4. What measures will be put in place to keep the site / the area around it  free of fly tipping during the time it is closed - as on Saturday there was already rubbish been dumped in front of the gates ?
5. Are there any job losses whilst the site is closed ?

6. I've been advised that local residents have seen at least one water board tanker go up to the sewage works over the weekend - Is responsibility for the bridge confirmed ? and is there an agreement / timescale in place for United Utilities (or whoever has been found to be responsible for the bridge) to have it replaced and should there be notices on the bridge / the entrance to the road advising that the bridge is unsafe for heavy vehicles ? 

I hope to be able to get some answers to above in the next day or so, but if you think of anything I've missed let me know.

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