Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bypass 2.0 ?

I recently nipped over to Mottram to view the exhibition, that was taking as part of the initial consultation for the Longendale Integrated Transport Strategy or as it has being called elsewhere bypass 2.0.

The proposals have been put together by Tameside Council following the failure of the public inquiry process for the original Mottram – Tintwistle bypass, and the allocation of a £100 million pound budget by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities for the implementation of alternative proposals to the Mottram to Tintwistle bypass.

The proposal’s themselves are displayed on around 20 odd display boards and cover a range of options for changes and tweaks to public transport and local roads, to the final option – option 6, which as well as the various public transport options includes the expected bypass 2.0.

The bypass in the proposals will see a section of dual carriageway from the M67 roundabout , which would then go towards and under the Roe Cross Road (road to Stalybridge) and then round to a new junction about half way up Mottram Moor, a stretch of single carriageway would then go from this junction to a new junction on the A57 at Brookfield.

Also mentioned within the various proposals was the potential for a station at Gamesley.

Now my initial thoughts on the proposals is whilst I still support the idea of full bypass between Mottram and Tintwistle, I’m not sure on the basis of the information so far that the proposals suggested will have enough of an effect for the cost, and that alternative options such as supporting the building of a new station at Gamesley may be a better way to go.

I’m also aware that whilst various bits are suggested within Glossopdale so far neither the County nor the Borough Council’s have been fully consulted / involved in drawing up these proposals.

But what do you think ?

For more information on the plans you can go along to a consultation event on Friday 19th February between the hours of 12.00noon and 8.30pm at Glossop’s Bradbury House, view details on the Tameside council website at or download a copy of the consultation leaflet by clicking here, and the questionnaire they are asking you to fill in by clicking here

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