Monday, 4 January 2010

What’s the best way to consult ?

At the recent pre Christmas full council meeting, one of the reports considered and approved by the council was the Joint Consultation and Engagement Strategy.

Within the document it details the plans for a review of the area forums which I commented was much needed with the last meeting in Glossopdale seeing 2 or 3 real member of the public and in excess of more than 20 officers, councillor’s, police and assorted other ‘official’s in attendance.

My comments were picked up by the Buxton Advertiser and reported here : and I hope to see details of the review been firmed up in the next few weeks.

As such I would be interested to hear your views on what would make the ‘area forum’ system work – is it more powers to make decisions ?, better topics, venues or something else – any views please let me know.

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