Tuesday, 12 January 2010

It’s nice to be wrong occasionally

SnowClearJan2010 005 Originally uploaded by AnthonyMck.

After checking with officer’s at the council, last week I advised that no gritting etc was been done on the estate’s footpaths as the instructions received had prioritised elsewhere within the High Peak.

Not been advised of any changes, after been contacted at the weekend over who had gritted / cleared some of the black paths on the estate, I advised (on the basis of what I’d been told earlier) that I didn't think it was either of the council’s and it must just be someone trying to help.

However after further checking yesterday, I can advise it was the borough council that has done the work, and they have cleared a path on the following black paths : Langsett Lane, Bamford Lane and Riber Lane

I understand at current that it’s not been possible to do the same on Hollins Lane, Eyam Lane and Bidworth Lane due to the various bollards that in place at the start of / along these paths.

In addition the work was checked yesterday to ensure that where possible none of the ploughed snow is blocking access to other paths.

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