Friday, 8 January 2010

Best way to let you know - no thanks

Other the last few months since being made redundant, one things that's quite often being a source of annoyance is that many of the people that apply to don't have the curtsey to let you know you've been unsuccessful, and the few that do quite often don't give you that many pointers on where you've gone wrong and what to try in the future to be more successful.

Now whilst I realise with the number of people currently unemployed and the time and cost of writing to people my expectation may be a little high, surely with all of the advance of email and so on it should be possible to at least acknowledge even if you can go into to level of detail I like to see.

Any how in sticking with the theme of 'best' for NaBloPoMo, I thought I'd highlight one group that whilst they may not be able to feed back to each of the 60 + unsuccessful applicants, they've made a strong effort to give anyone unsuccessful feedback on where they went wrong, and give them pointers for the future.

The group in question is Gallomanor a 'communication's' firm who specialise in citizen engagement campaigns and e-democracy, and the feedback (which is viewable at flags up just short of half a dozen pointers on where some folk had gone wrong including basic's such as get the name of the person your contacting right, to practical but quite often overlooked concerns like make sure you email address is a sensible one.

Now whilst I appreciate the time pressures that may prevent such a reply the above example shows a quick way of making people who've spent time on an application feel that even if it was unsuccessful it wasn't wasted time. 

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