Sunday, 10 January 2010

Best way to do damage ?

In a week when certain Bitterites (as John Prescott called them) were seeking to do damage to the Labour Party and it’s electoral fortunes, has Peter Watt (or Peter something sounding like Watt here), the former general secretary of the Labour Party shown them how to do more ?

I say that because, whilst in a sense the damage done by the bitterites has essentially been passed, the damage done by someone who should know better, may be of greater and longer lasting impact.

I say ‘know better’ because when he took over the post all the talk at the time was around the privilege and pride in taking on the job, and all about the challenge of renewal for the party, where as now the approach seems to have been about how much damage can be done.

But perhaps (as some who know him better) it’s right the Peter Watt has his say and the opportunity to restore the damage to his reputation from the issues over party funding, I just wish he’d picked his time better than in the run up to the general election.

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