Monday, 11 January 2010

Best Scheme So Far - Free computers and broadband access

Earlier today Labour’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has announced that 270,000 low income families will receive a free computer along with free broadband access for a year.

The scheme know as Home Access is a new government drive which helps low income families get access to a computer and the internet to get online at home.

If you’re a low income family, you could qualify for a grant to buy a computer and/or at least one years’ internet access to help your child learn at home. The programme is aimed at those that need it most and targets families that do not have access to a computer or the internet at home.

Children who have access to technology at home tend to do better in school exams, learn and achieve more, and have fun while they’re doing it.

In fact according to details on the home access website evidence shows that by using technology to support learning at home, learners could achieve a 2 grade improvement in one GCSE subject, engage more in their learning and achieve more.

The programme is being rolled out across England from January 2010, with eligible families able to apply for a Home Access Grant to pay for a computer and/or internet package.

To qualify, families must have a child in school years 3 – 9 who is entitled to receive Free School Meals (which normally means the household having an annual income of less than £16,040). (full details on access to the scheme on there website)

If you think you qualify for a Home Access Grant please call 0333 200 1004 for an application pack or goto for more details.

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