Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Best News Story So Far This Year – Are mobility scooters a menace?

An article on the BBC news website yesterday has flagged up concerns following a number of high profile accidents involving mobility scooters.

The accidents which have caused at least one death and several injuries have raised concerns with police as the scooters are exempt from the Road Traffic Act and the police have been powerless to act against the driver’s.

The level of concerns is such that in February a committee of MP’s will begin an inquiry looking into to the concerns around the scotters and whether the legal setup needs changing.

Locally there have been one or two issues with riders of scotters that I am aware, but these have been around speeding concerns and were dealt with quickly by a quiet word in the right ear.

Perhaps there is a need to follow the example in the article that Norfolk Police have been doing by putting in place a training scheme for mobility scooter riders.

What do you think are they a cause for concerns or are the incidents highlighted in the news freak occurrences with no actions needed to stop them ?

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