Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The best and worst of the snow

Whilst the snow is not good for everyone, there have been some good bits to the snow.

Over on Riber, there has been an impressive snow man built, all good except for the City flag which spoils it just a little !

Even more local has been an igloo built just outside on the square near the house, and possibly offers a future solution to the housing shortage should the weather stay as bad as at current.

On the bad side I’ve flagged up a few examples over the last few days and there is more examples on the facebook group highlighting issues over the lack of gritting, and a whole load of photo’s from around Gamesley on my flickr page at

However following my visit to Glossop today I thought it would be worth mentioning one or two particular bits.

Considering that the Borough has apparently been doing street gritting since Monday, the steps up to the Co-op (as pictured left) were still treacherous with much snow still left on the steps, which given it is used as access from the main bus stops to the train station and post office it should have received more attention.


Also the main high street (pictured left ), seemed very dubious under foot, with a number of people looking unsteady on there feet due in part to the seemingly poor level of treatment given to the path, along with the ever more dubious stone surface which didn't seem to helping.

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