Monday, 14 December 2009

Carpenters Approved

Welcome news (in my view anyway) from the development control committee this evening, with the news that the officer’s recommendation for Carpenters has been overturned and planning permission has been granted.

The application is for Carpenters to extend the site at Dinting Lodge by 12,160 square meters, which they advise will create an additional 50-70 jobs, bringing the total workforce at the Dinting Lodge site to over 200, with the majority of those extra post’s been employed from the local area according to documentation submitted with the application.

Now whilst I can understand the 12 objections to the application and the reasons behind the officer’s recommendation to reject the application, in the current financial climate any move which both secures additional jobs as well as safeguarding the long term future of the site must be (and has been tonight) given due consideration.

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