Thursday, 29 October 2009

Unemployment issue

Within the local papers last week there was a number of comments from the council’s executive member for Social and Community Development about the government lack of action in tackling unemployment and how his party will do better if elected, but interestingly perhaps there was very little comment on the actions (or lack of them) that are been done by council in response to the issue and in particular about the lack of an application from the council to the future jobs fund.

Regular reader may remember that earlier this year at the February council meeting in respond to concerns raised by local councillors the council’s executive announced the formation of a youth unemployment task force to work with the various agencies involved to address this issue.

A plan was then put together on measures that could be done to tackle this including things like a job fare and better access to training however many months on many of these suggested initiatives are still exactly that just suggested initiatives with little or no progress, and while the fine plans been espoused on what they would do if they took over the Government may be welcomed by some the action locally where they are in control doesn’t match up to those fine words.

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