Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Things to be aware of - National Stress Awareness Day

Perhaps unfortunately (due to the clash with bonfire night) Wednesday 5th
November sees this years National Stress Awareness Day.

The event which is organized by the International Stress Management
Association aims to educate individuals and business about the positive
steps they can take to reduce stress and the benefits that doing so can
bring, such as improved job satisfaction, reduced sickness and so.

The specific theme this year is about 'worrying' and how ineffective it is
and how worrying can drain your energy, sap your strength and make you less
able to cope with the normal every days pressures.

The campaign website at www.nationalstressawarenessday.co.uk sets out a
number of tips and suggestions on how you can reduce your worrying habit and
hopefully reduce pressure and stress.

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