Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Executive Meeting

Last night (Monday) saw a meeting of the Council's executive, which due to
problems with the trains between New Mills and Chinley and another meeting
elsewhere I decided not to even try to get to.

Amongst the items for consideration were reports and updates on disabled
facility grants, EMAS, Woods Mill Interim Planning Statement, Financial and
Performances Monitoring and Civil Parking Enforcement.

With regards to the Civil Parking Enforcement, due to decisions elsewhere
the expected start date towards the end of November has now been pushed back
until a date to be advised, most likely until some point after Christmas.

Also on the agenda was a report with regards to considering the council's
view on having direct elections to the various National Park Authorities
such as the Peak District National Park. An idea which is currently in place
for the National Parks in Scotland and as such it will be interesting to see
what view the council took on it.

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