Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Changes to 236 / 237 Service

Many of you will have no doubt seen amongst the current adverts for the
Greater Manchester Congestion Charge posters advertising that one of the
benefits of the scheme will be later running buses, unfortunately with the
latest changes to the 236/237 services it appears Stagecoach may not have
got that message.

The reason I say that is because from Sunday 26th October, the majority of
the evening 236/237 journeys running all the way through from Glossop to
Manchester will no longer run with the service been curtailed to run just
from Glossop to Ashton except for rush hour journeys.

Along with that change there are also changes to the timetable with the last
bus back from Ashton to Glossop now been just over 20 minutes earlier at
11.31pm as opposed to the 11.51pm it is at current, and with the need to
change buses at Ashton if you are coming back from Manchester meaning again
an earlier departure from Manchester with the latest now (except for Friday
/ Saturday nights) been 10.55pm (on a 216) as opposed to the 11.20pm direct
at current.

The change also means a slightly reduced service for residents of Wolley
Bridge with the last bus back from Ashton changing to a 237 as opposed to
the current 236.

Full details including copies of the timetables are available from the
County Council website (www.derbyshire.gov.uk) or the GMPTE website
(www.gmpte.com) or by phone from Traveline on 0871 200 22 33

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