Tuesday, 23 September 2008

September Full Council Meeting

Last Tuesday evening saw a meeting of the full council. As previously noted there wasn’t much on the agenda with the main item of business been the consideration of the designated public places order for Glossop and Gamesley.

In terms of the various questions and announcements, the Mayor highlighted a question time that will be taken place during local democracy week in the council chamber, followed by a range of questions some of which just seemed to be for the purpose of complaining about the performance of our ‘partners’ at the County Council over issues around footpaths and gully’s.

As expected and in common with the two orders already agreed by the council there was much support for the Designated Public Places Order, with several Glossopdale members welcoming it.

As well as joining with the Glossopdale members welcoming the order I also made the comment that it was nice to see the council implementing something on anti social behaviour that was not just solely aimed at children.

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